What's the deal with the Lego? Ame offers his explanation....
The year is 1977....

At 5.45pm on the opening day of the Fourth Test at Headingley, my Father arrives home from a long days work at British Steel just in time for what he hopes will be Geoffrey Boycott scoring his 100th first-class century in front of his home crowd at Headingley.
No other player had scored their 100th century (a rare feat in itself) in a Test match, and the setting could not have been more perfect. Boycott had only recently returned to Test cricket following a self-imposed three year absence, but in Yorkshire he was more popular than ever. The moment was set, we were just about to witness one of the great cricketing triumphs of all time when the family TV crackled a little then died a very quick TV death.
My Father was so incensed he decided there and then, no more TV set, hence, my early childhood was spent playing with LEGO, not watching TV.
A true story.

About the artist
James Ame72 - British, b.1972

Ame72 is living the artists' dream.
With an authentic background in graffiti and street art Ame has developed his style into what he best describes as 'Conceptual Pop Art'. Having already exhibited in world renowned museums and galleries from Tel Aviv to Beijing, he has been featured in numerous publications, including the iconic No Starch Press book, 'The Cult Of Lego'. With ever increasing popularity, Ame works have gained a diverse following of collectors, from adult Lego fans to Hollywood movie stars and even Royalty. Due to his use of vibrant colour, pedantic attention to detail and highly sought after 'Melted Bricks', Ame has been billed as the next Jeff Koons.

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